The Greatest Love November 3, 2016 Episode


The Greatest Love November 3, 2016 Episode

The Greatest Love November 3, 2016 Episode is a story of a mother who had an Alzheimer’s Disease but kept it secretly for herself and sacrificed in order for her family to have a happy life. A Philippine melodrama television series, starring Sylvia Sanchez, Andi Eigenmann, Dimples Romana, Arron Villaflor and Matt Evans. The series premiered on September 5, 2016, replacing Tubig at Langis.
Because of the secret, all of her children will leave her until all that is left of her are her memories. What if symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease begins and all memories are erased? How can she handle this kind of scenario? Follow the journey of Gloria and her story of a second chance as a mother to her family.

MAIN CAST:Sylvia Sanchez as Gloria Guerrero-Alegre, Andi Eigenmann as Lizelle Alegre, Dimples Romana as Amanda Alegre-Cruz, Arron Villaflor as Rafael “Paeng” Alegre, Matt Evans as Andres “Andrei” Alegre Jr., Joshua Garcia as Zosimo “Z” Cruz.

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